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      Internationally renowned magician Michael Vincent has been named Best Close-Up Magician three times by the UK’s Magic Circle, 3 times in three consecutive decades; 1983, 1991 and 2003. In 1993 he was awarded the title of International Magician of the Year.

      His performances have been featured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California, celebrity parties, international casinos, and high end corporate events.

      Two and a half years ago, Michael encountered a major setback when he lost his hearing. This is a dramatic event for a magician whose success revolved around his unique ability to communicate with his audience. However, in testament to his unconquerable drive and passion for his art, Michael further honed his ability to read his audience, tuning his senses to read the nuances of communication, body language and micro facial expressions, turning an obstacle in to an opportunity to improve.

      In a career that continues with drive, passion and dedication, his stylish and sophisticated performances take sleight of hand magic to a new level of artistic and authentic self-expression. It is this simple philosophy which has defined Michael’s place in the history of magic. 



       Jack Carpenter has contributed over 40 years of his life to the art of magic. His sleight of hand techniques are truly one of a kind. Jack will take you down one path only to completely de-rail what you THINK you know.

       From his published books, to manuscripts, to DVDs, Jack has spent a lifetime paving the way for the die-hard sleight of hand enthusiasts. Jack has been praised by some of today's top cardmen.

       Jack Carpenter is a creative and technical expert. He has created highly original and influential card magic. From his earliest books, like Modus Operandi and The Expert’s Portfolio, he showed us just how strong gambling and magic material could be. Lately, Jack Carpenter has been releasing more experimental, very cool sleight of hand moves and routines, including his latest release, The Expert’s Portfolio No. 2.


        George Tait, AKA Patrick Redford, has been bending the minds of audiences around the world with his "Psychological Magic" over the past ten years. He's entertained such notable talent as bands Metalica, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent. He's a well respected author in the magic community and recently wrote a book for the general public called Mind Tapped - Techniques to control minds.

         Tait has transformed his art form into both a real and emotionally powerful experience. He has succeeded in taking magic to a level not often reached by other performers. Early in his carreer Tait has directed, co-directed, written and co-written a wide variety of theatrical productions that include How to Kill a Piano - his one man show, Faces in the Crowd, Loud Thoughts and Silent Screams, and The Magical Mystery Musical, among others.

         More recently George he has been an honored guest performer and speaker at Newcastle, England's International Magic Festival and Las Vegas' International Magic Experience.

         Currently he's on world tour with Master's of Illusion Live; one of the largest touring magic shows curently traveling today. He's performed for literally every type of audience, from intimate dinner and cocktail parties, to corporate America, to theaters around the world.


         Robert has been lecturing to the Magic Community since 1982. Robert’s first magic lecture, Bengel’s Best of Spades, broke out and became a very well received compilation of effects that gave Robert a good first step into the community.

        Robert’s second lecture (major lecture), Back to Basics, became a highly sought-out lecture in the United States in the early 90s. Robert’s third major lecture, Back to Basics II, was the logical follow up to Back to Basics, adding more audience-tested routines, concepts, teaching on Timing and Misdirection, and a section dedicated to friends of Robert with great subtleties that will make anyone’s itinerary more professional, and more commercial.

        Robert has done numerous “one-of" lectures for conventions, workshops, seminars, etc. in the magic community. Having refined his skills/talents in the corporate world, Robert has transcended these skills into the magic community, giving all of the information needed to better one’s skills and understanding of magic, close-up magic, and most importantly, presentations skills.

        Here is a list of Robert’s Lectures and published materials:

Bengel’s Best of Spades     Back to Basics     Back to Basics II     Corporate Magic     Matrix Notes     My Multiple Location     And many more…