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UNCOVERED: Secrets for the Serious Magician (Book)

Uncovered is a compilation of 1st class practical card magic, including some powerful non-card items, written for the serious magician. You will find magic that is well within the range of most magicians. The magic is devastating with most items requiring only basic sleight of hand. You won't find any knuckle busters within this volume. But, you will find MANY things you can use.

Here are some of the items you will find:
  • The Ambitious Card with all the "Get Readies" choreographed into the trick for automatic double turnovers.
  • Licked At Last - An easy to do "In The Hands Triumph" that really packs a wallop.
  • Card To Wallet - A killer "No Palm" card to wallet.
  • Wow Revisited - A spiffed up version of "The Biddle Trick.
  • Chromo Balls - An updated Technicolor revamping of "The Three Ball Trick."
  • Back To The 19th Century - An incredible assembly using no gaffs or extra cards.
  • Plus twelve more solid effects
Hardbound - 164 Photographs - 100 Pages - 8.5"x11"  -  Reviews -  #1  #2
$30.00 Post Paid

UNCOVERED: Secrets for the Serious Magician (DVD)

DVD Contents:
  • Licked At Last
  • Airplane Card
  • Michigan Monte
  • Flipper Coin Routine
  • Chromo-Balls
  • WOW Revisited
  • Card To Wallet
  • Back To The 19th Century
$17.00 Post Paid
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L.I.N.T.: Pocket Stuff for the Close-Up Magician (Book)

This effort was kicked off in Luka's "Thoughts On..." column which ran in The New Tops magazine from October, 1993 to December, 1994. John's column was for the majority of magicians who tend to do a lot of pocket and parlor tricks for small audiences and a few informal and sometimes spontaneous shows like at parties or at business get togethers. So he chose material for ninety-plus percent of magicians who are not professionals. ou won't find any knuckle busters within this volume. But, you will find MANY things you can use.

Some of the great magic in L.I.N.T. includes Chromo Balls, Brother Hamman's Homing Card, The Magic Coin,  Ron Bauer's Lie Detector,  Second Sight, Devilish Trickery, Key to the Draw, Milt Kort's Okito Less Coin Box, Paul Chosses handling of the Diagonal Palm Shift.  Also included are variations and simplified handlings for the Zarrow Shuffle and the Turnover Pass. John Luka also solicited and includes several choice items from Paul Cummins, Ron Aldrich, John Morgan, Bill Kalush, Michael Ammar,
Chris Carter, and Eric DeCamps. 

Hardbound - 143 Pages - 8.5"x11"  -  Full color dust jacket
$30.00 Post Paid - Available in U.S.A. Only



The Pocket Grenade Wallet is handsomely made in black leather and is satin lined. It is a very nice looking wallet. The wallet itself is a well-made Z-fold style wallet complete with zipper to add that extra level of mystery. The wallet lies flat when opened and is small enough to carry in your shirt pocket. Great for those warm days when you don't want to wear a sport coat.

In addition to the wallet, you will receive a detailed instruction booklet and a DVD. The DVD contains a performance of the routine as well as the explanation of the routine.

$50.00 Post Paid


The magician demonstrates an old gambling scam, a game that cannot be won, to the amusement of his audience. This three-phase routine is visual and easy to do.  Michigan Monte can be learned quickly. This fries audiences!
  • Fully scripted routine
  • Baffling effect
  • Packs a wallop
  • Jumbo cards included
Saddle Stitched Booklet With Jumbo Size Cards
$20.00 Post Paid


Chromo-Balls is a Technicolor ® revamping of the Three-Ball Routine that's full of surprises. It opens, believe it or not, with three red balls changing color! The balance of the routine is done with three differently colored balls, apparently excluding any substitution.
  • Fully scripted routine
  • Quality bright colored crocheted balls
  • Fun to do
"John Luka has the best version of  The Three-Ball Trick I've ever seen...It is based on work by Doc Daley, Milt Kort, and others, and is superb." -- Paul Chosse

Saddle Stitched Booklet Includes Bright Colored Crocheted Balls
$25.00 Post Paid